Vivian Arcidiacono, German ⁄ American ⁄ Italian ⁄ artist ⁄ designer ⁄ photographer

Born in France, graduated from TCU, now enrolled in Rice University’s Master of Liberal Arts Program. Began her career as a commercial artist on photographic assignment in Australia eventually moving to Texas in 1992. Works full time as a brand manager of a major corporation. Honored in 2003 for her work as graphic designer for six consecutive Houston Marathons, from 1998 to 2003. First one woman show of ”reds”, now her signature painting concept, was a sold–out success. Known for her compelling regional photographs of Texas longhorn cattle and many restaurant and art projects throughout Houston.
To view or download a current portfolio, or watch a slideshow of her upcoming show on Italy, click on the images under the titles on the homepage.