"One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes". Andrew Wyeth

...I guess since the age of 6, I remember thinking of myself as an artist. My mom took me to famous museums frequently, all around the world ever since I was born. Surprisingly, the paintings and sculptures in the museums spoke to me in an intimate language deep inside my soul. I felt at home with them. I yearned to be within these museum walls, surrounded by art and beauty, and listen to their mysteries. Being surrounded by art, creating it, and communicating with the world through art is my greatest joy. My continuing interest in art as a creative means to heal has led me to coaching and therapeutic fields. I intend to follow this direction with all my power.

Financial pressures have caused me to try my hand at various occupations closely related to the artistic field, but creative expression in art is always at my center. Being an artist is a 24-hour occupation. It seems I am not ever able to ‘turn it off’ nor do I want to. I am immensely humbled when using the term “artist” for myself. I feel the term should only be given to an individual that respects the importance an artist has in our world, in the history of mankind and in the healing professions. I try to do the name justice and will work at it forever.


  • Born: Aug. 18th, 1957, Mesa, Arizona.
  • 1957-1980-Traveled the world, lived in many countries (i.e. Lebanon, Philippines, Ethiopia, and more) throughout childhood until college.
  • 1983-Married John S. Edmundson.
  • 1985-Majored: Ball State University, BFA in Interior/Environmental Design, Deans List, Outstanding Senior Nomination
  • 1986-1989 Worked in architectural firms.
  • 1989-Moved to Matlacha, Florida.
  • 1990- First child is born: Anton. I decide to follow my true occupation: artist. I paint 6 large watercolors during my 6-week maternity leave. A prominent gallery close by (Crossed Palms) buys all 6 paintings on the spot! I quit my Interior Design job.
  • Worked as an artist and had 3 shows and many commissions in Florida. Began to paint portraits of neighbors and neighbor’s kids.
  • 1993- Second child was born: Sophia.
  • 1995-1999 Moved to Munich, Germany for 4 years. Started teaching art to children. Painted portraits occasionally, but mostly painted personal subject matter. Had two shows.
  • 1999-Moved to Houston, Texas. Started painting more portrait commissions. One prominent client, Earle Martin, held a private show for me.
  • 2000-Moved to Magnolia, Texas, out in the country. Started painting Longhorns, landscapes, and floral watercolors, but never leaving main interest: portraits.
  • 2001- - art and frame. Work more on portrait commissions. Have very prominent clients out of Houston. Many repeat customers.
  • 2001-2005- Started own business: the painter sister, and I ran my own gallery/art business. Had 3 more shows. Displayed my work in galleries around greater Houston area, even showed one of my paintings in the Meredith Long Gallery, Houston. I taught art at three local colleges, Continuing Education. I am become very involved in local schools, promoting art education and volunteering to help in the art departments. Got my teaching degree.
  • 2006-Full time art teacher for Cy-Fair ISD. Middle School and High School. I do my own art works on the weekends. My art is becoming more and more experimental since it has been liberated from financial pressures. My experiences in schools intensify my belief that art can be used as a means for therapy.
  • 2008- present. I become more and more interested in Art Therapy, Creativity studies and using art as a means to discover the Self.
  • As every year, I have an Open Studio Show, next one coming up in Fall 2010, displaying my latest work.