P o r t r a i t P a i n t i n g

From separate photos, I can paint you all into one painting as a group too, making it look like you were all together in one moment of time…

Have you ever tried to take a family photograph with all of you in it, yourselves and your children, only to find not one of the photos turned out right because someone always either had their eyes closed, or their mouth open, or were looking somewhere else…? Well, after a photo session like this, I can take the best face shot of each individual and put it into one painting, thereby capturing each person’s best “look”…these paintings are very flattering and popular and make great mantelpieces. Also, I can make high quality copies from the artwork for you, which make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members…

Also very flattering are the slight changes I can make in my paintings of a face or a figure….

Lost loved ones can be included into family paintings, given the lighting levels are similar in the photos I work from…

P o r t r a i t P r i c i n g

Most paintings that we do cost between $750 and $1400. Each painting is unique and have different challenges. Please contact me about your desired image and we will be happy to discuss with you the cost and time frame that it will take to create your painting.

ariane edmundson

Wed, Oct 20, 2004