Painting for Kids

Children naturally and instinctively paint the most magnificent paintings. It takes a gentle and competent teacher to lead them through their various stages of development without discouraging their desire to create. They can quickly learn new skills in art to communicate with their world using this new visual language. This is what I teach them. Children gain self-confidence using their new skills and this opens up many exciting avenues to express emotions in acceptable ways. In my classes the students will also be shown the works of three famous artists. This will show them how other artists have also used painting in order to communicate their ideas and feelings.

Course Descriptions
6-9 year old group: In this class our young artists will learn to convert creative experiences into art. They are gently encouraged to express their ideas on paper. By using various water color techniques and accompanied by music they are allowed to experiment and play with new ideas.

9-12 year old group: In this class your children are encouraged to try different approaches of expressing themselves with watercolor paints. With assigned class themes such as still lives, landscapes and portraits they will learn to “see like an artist“. The students will be individually encouraged to recognize their own creative impulses and put it to paper.